Use Your Brain to Change Your Health
The Best Webinar You've Ever Been To
ON 19TH Nov 2020
 6:30PM - 7:30pm
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Dr. Prithika Chary is on a mission to enable everyone to be able to live “ A full life, with everyone, like everyone in spite of any health or life challenge “ promoting awareness on how to tap into the body’s own healing powers.
About the Speaker :
Dr.Prithika Chary
Neurologist & Neurosurgeon
NLP Master Practitioner, Soft Skills trainer, Image consultant
When a person faces a health or life challenge they feel helpless and go into denial or panic because they feel they have no choice or options. The complexity and numerous challenges create despair and they feel stuck and unable to take decisions that matter. Understanding the Spirit-mind-brain-body link and tapping into it can change the way healing and recovery occurs.
Wisdom Words from India's First & Only Lady Neuro Physician Cum Neurosurgeon 
What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
#1 Secret One 
Change your thoughts, change your health
#3 Secret Three 
The nervous system in the Gut.
#2 Secret Two 
Two way relationship between the brain and other organs
#4 Secret Four 
The immune system and its relationship to Illness
#5 Secret Five 
The Stress Cascade
A Neurologist since 1978 and a Neurosurgeon as well since 1990. She has been in active clinical practice in the city of Chennai and has helped thousands of patients achieve spectacular recovery from various illnesses. Her method of going beyond just giving a prescription or drugs, but enabling the resolution of the psychosocial issues relating to illness has brought quality of life and integration into society despite their challenges.
She is the founder and chief resource person of CREATIVE KARMA an initiative to coach people to create their own destiny by understanding the Brain and its extensive links with the spirit, mind and body to enable stress free lives and resilience in the face of adversity.
Her expertise and depth of knowledge in the workings of the brain and ability to present it in simple, understandable terms to everyone has helped thousands change their lives by tapping into the Spirit-Mind-Brain-Body connection to bounce back after a health or life challenge. She herself is a cancer survivor, and believes a full life with everyone, like everyone is possible for everyone if they take action at any stage of their life journey.

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